Saturday, December 18, 2010


Habosa Apps is releasing its first app today: XKCyanide

  • Read XCKD and Cyanide & Happiness comics in one app
  • Pinch to Zoom
  • View comics chronologically or in random order
  • FREE!
It's our first app so if there are any problems send an email or leave a comment in the Market.  I'm sure v2.0 will be around shortly.

Possible Future Features:
  • Save comic to SD Card
  • Share comic via SMS/Email/Facebook/etc.
  • More!



  1. Found this app today and gave a small critical review that was hindered by character # on the market. Regardless I gave the app a 5 star because of its potential.

    I'd like to continue my review here:

    -Great home screen: simple, clean, works.
    -Great resolution: even when zoomed out print is legible
    -FREE! Yea that's awesome :)
    -Random Strip provider works and is a great feature
    -Smooth screen slides
    -Pinch zoom in/out is always nice.

    -Loading speed of comics seems variable (sometimes loads quickly, sometimes slow, sometimes "finishes loading" then stays of the previous comic and wont go any further) (**not sure if its the app or my network honestly)

    - Bottom controls + ads are a little big.

    -Lacks date of comic

    -Lacks favorites

    - Would like to see a "date selector" if possible

    - No need to say the name of the comic at the top of the screen (user just selected the comic and it's taking up much needed comic viewing space!) :P

    -When going to landscape mode on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) the bottom menu + advertisement is greatly over-sized. In combination with the unnecessary "Comic Title" it shrinks the viewing space to roughly 1/3 of the screen (tiny!)

    Preference issues (not necessarily cons, just personal thoughts):
    - Would prefer it to be full screen with pinch zoom in/out (controls streamlined to the sides to indicate direction you want to go) but thats personal preference after having a brother with a strip app on iphone with similar features. Very minimalist)

    -Every time I touch to glide to another pane of the comic, the zoom buttons pop up which more often then not obscures the bottom right pane of the comic. I'd suggest making it so they only appear if you *tap* the screen and have it ignore screen glides.

    But once again, I still find this app a step above others but really hope to see some of the mentioned suggestions to pop up in later versions.

    Great app! 5 Stars!

  2. Hey Rob,
    Thank you so much for your input. I'll try to implement as many of your requested features as I can. The hardest one will be the archive/date picker and honestly is a little beyond my Java capabilities right now (even though I know how to parse the HTML). I'll work on maximizing the screen space for sure, and obviously the UI could use polish but that will come in time. Anyway I will wait for more nice people like you to post comments before releasing Version 2.0, don't want people to have to update every day even though I can fix many things very quickly.

    Thanks again for your input,
    Sam (Habosa Apps)

  3. Ok I lied. I implemented a few screen-space saving changes that I think are worth the update, so look out for Version 1.1. I'm a student in finals period right now so I'll have to make the non aesthetic changes in early 2011.

  4. Huzzah!

    Haha, not 2 hours after my post and you come up with and awesome update.

    Honestly I can't tell you how much nicer it feels having those dead spaces slimmed down.

    I foresee excellent things for this and future apps from you. :D

    Good Luck with finals Sam.

  5. Thanks for all the help Rob. If you didn't know this already, feel free to contact me at any time by commenting on this blog or emailing me (haboysam at gmail dot com) for anything Android related. I'm new to this app thing but I'm trying to keep up with what people want.